Why use an automatic Watch Winder?

Why use an automatic Watch Winder?

An automatic watch has a mechanism that requires regular motion to keep the inner spring constantly charged, this motion is usually provided as it is worn. Once removed from the wrist the stored energy will only run for 24-72 hours, depending upon the model, then the watch will need to be manually rewound and reset.

Many automatic watches have additional features, or 'Complications' - date/time/lunar/phase/world time etc. so the task of rewinding and recalibrating a watch if it runs down is best avoided.

Furthermore, watches of this calibre are precision instruments and like all thoroughbreds they actually benefit from exercise - if left unwound for long periods, internal lubricants can be lost from critical areas which will eventually lead to excessive wear on components and subsequent lack of accuracy.

Perpetua Watch Winders have features designed to mimic the action of a watch being worn. The watch is held at a precise angle while being rotated and the winder can be set to run intermittently so that the watch is not permanently fully wound.

All Watch Winders carry a 2 year's guarantee!

Rapport considered closely the design requirements of this new range of Watch Winders for Automatic Watches. The angle at which the watch is rotated, the frequency and speed of rotation are all important factors which the Perpetua has addressed. But just as important was the craftsmanship of the cabinet makers in providing boxes which are luxurious items of furniture worthy to grace any home

Soft Adjustable Pad
The soft filled cushion adjusts to all sizes of watch strap, leather or link bracelet, and is covered with soft feel fabric which will not damage the watch. When the watch is sipped over the cushion it fits snugly into the cup and there is no danger of the watch becoming detached.
Rapport watch winder

Luxury Soft Feel Interior
The build quality of these wooden boxes can only be described as luxurious with the outer surfaces being finished with eight coats of hand applied lacquer and the interiors being lined with a soft feel velvet fabric which not only looks good but adds to the protective environment for your prestigious watches.
Rapport watch collectors box

Electricity Adaptor
The motor mechanism runs virtually silent, on a safe low voltage which is provided by batteries or from the mains using the DC adaptor supplied. The adaptor is available to suit all overseas markets. The mains adaptor plugs into a discreetly covered socket at the back of the box and when it is in use the battery supply is automatically cut to conserve power.
Rapport adaptor for watch winder

Choice of Settings
Two modes of operation are provided - a fast winding mode, when the drum rotates continuously, and a timed mode which rotates the drum intermittently clockwise and anti-clockwise.
Rapport watch winders

Technical Data
We strongly recommend the use of the power adaptor described above - but the chart below gives an indication of the life expectancy when good quality alkaline batteries are used.
Note: Battery life depends on the mode selected, weight of watch, ambient temperature etc.

Model Batteries
Battery Life (Days)
Constant              Timed
Perpetua Mono 2 x C size
Perpetua Duo 4 x C size
Perpetua Triple 4 x C size
Perpetua Quad 4 x C size
Napoleon 2 x D size
Cog Wheel 4 x D size
Travel and Retro 2 x AA size
Uno 2 x D size

Turns per day (TPD)
Constant Mode: 3960 TPD
Timed Mode:  1690 TPD (First Day)
                          1130 TPD (Second Day onwards)

All Winders rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise and a battery level indicator is provided on each model.

We are sure that you will be absolutely delighted with the Perpetua Watch Winder yet, as with all Rapport luxury products we offer a full 24 month guarantee.

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