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Vintage Rolex GMT Master

Vintage Rolex GMT Master For Sale

We are very pleased to offer for sale an ULTRA RARE original ROLEX GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE  which is TOTALLY BLANK and never completed or filled outby a Rolex Main Agent which is was originally supplied too.
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Vintage Rolex GMT Master - Previously Sold Examples

Vintage Rolex GMT 2 16760
UK supplied and first sold to its one owner in 1986, this particular modesl were only produced for a very short period in
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1960's vintage Rolex GMT 1675 pointed crown guards - Double Swiss underline dial!
Purchased direct from the original owner this amazing 1675 has a very rare dial configuration, firstly it retains its beautiful gilt gloss dial
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Vintage Rolex GMT 16750 Matte - Box and papers
Circa 1981 with an early 7 million serial as you can see this watch retains its totally mint original matte dial with perfectly matching
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Vintage Rolex GMT Master 1675
Vintage Rolex GMT Master 1675 - First sold in 1978 and we are very pleased to confirm this rare GMT retains its totally mint matte dial with perfectly matching hands and original faded red/blue bezel in
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Please note: Due to the diminishing supply year on year of quality vintage Rolex sports models we would strongly erge you to register your requirements through our "Watch Alerts" facility which will give you a "heads up" when a particular vintage sports Rolex comes into stock. Unfortunately these days there are more clients looking to purchase than watches that come to market so the examples we display above are for your information and research.

Vintage Rolex GMT Master

The GMT Master was originally introduced by Rolex in the 1950's with model number 6542, this early model had no protective crown guards and bakelite bezel and has now become highly sought after by collectors

Rolex wristwatches are very popular pieces of jewellery, not only because of their classic good looks and reliable time keeping, but because Rolex manufactures different models for different types of people, including the GMT, which was specifically manufactured for wear by pilots and other aviating enthusiasts.  Rolex also produces watches designed to be worn for a variety of casual and/or formal occasions.  

The Rolex GMT displays the time of day in two different time zones so that aviators can determine the time in not only the place from which their flight originated, but also the destination to which they are going.  The Rolex GMT has an additional hour hand and rotating bezel on the face to enable this feature. 

Rather than introducing new models of watches, Rolex simply upgrades its current models, which quickly makes the older ones “vintage” and very valuable.  The GMT fits into this category since it is no longer being produced and was replaced with the GMT Master, which also includes the popular aviator features. 

The newer GMT Master watch has a larger case and winding crown and is easily distinguished from the GMT by its bracelet and larger markers, as well as the bright green 24-hour pointer. 

If you are a pilot or interested in aviation, you will surely enjoy owning a vintage Rolex GMT watch.  These very popular timepieces are often offered for resale and are a great choice for yourself or the aviator in your life.  The newer GMT Master is also very popular and will, undoubtedly, eventually become another vintage Rolex watch.  

Vintage Rolex GMT Master
Vintage Rolex GMT Master new arrivals

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