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Vintage Rolex Submariner

Vintage Rolex Submariner For Sale

Rare Vintage 1982 Rolex Submariner 5513 Box and Papers!! #RESERVED#
Rare Vintage 1982 Rolex Submariner 5513 - #RESERVED# 
We are very pleased to offer for sale this truly classic vintage Rolex Submariner 5513 being first sold in 1982! We are delighted to confirm this 5513 retains its original matte dial and hands 
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Please note: Due to the diminishing supply year on year of quality vintage Rolex sports models we would strongly erge you to register your requirements through our "Watch Alerts" facility which will give you a "heads up" when a particular vintage sports Rolex comes into stock. Unfortunately these days there are more clients looking to purchase than watches that come to market so the examples we display above are for your information and research.

Vintage Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner watch was manufactured specifically to withstand the harsh, highly pressurized undersea world that includes very deep water, extreme fluctuation in temperatures and physical abuse from being bumped around on the wrist of the person wearing the watch.  Because of its reputation of durability and having been worn by James Bond in several films, the Submariner is one of the most popular and easily identified models of Rolex watches.

The fact that Rolex watches are desirable and extremely valuable is due (at least in part) to the fact that the Rolex company limits the numbers of models it introduces and, instead, chooses to focus on new innovations and improvements to upgrade existing models.  This business practice of focusing on new innovations and improvements to existing models has made the watches manufactured by Rolex some of the most desired and valuable timepieces in the world.

Model Numbers 6535 and 6538 were produced from about 1954 through 1959 and are the models known as the “James Bond Submariners.”  Model 6538 was COSC certified during the final three years of production, but Rolex’s original Submariner watches did not include COSC certification until the last three years they were produced.  COSC is an acronym for “Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres” and is the official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute that is responsible for certifying the precision and accuracy of watches made in Switzerland. 

Additional Submariner models ensued thereafter and many vintage models have become favorites among collectors of Rolex watches.

A true Rolex sports watch and first introduced in 1953 without any crown guards and much larger winding crown with model numbers such as 6538, 5510 and 6200 and of course made famous by Sean Connery in the James Bond Films. Rolex also had a contract in the 1970's with the MOD issuing just over one thousand pieces which were specially adapted with fixed case bars, 60 minute bezel inserts, sword hands and Navy/Army issue engraved numbers on the case back. The Submariner was and still is a true working watch and rarer models are highly sort after by collectors worldwide. 

Dream Watches always strives to purchase from original owners which guarantees originality and investment potential and as they are very hard to come by and most of the time watches sell before they even hit out web site!

Vintage Rolex Submariner
Vintage Rolex Submariner new arrivals

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